On‑Demand Webinar

Advanced User Interface is becoming a key part in many IoT applications. Bluetooth® Low Energy is a key communication technology for interacting with IoT devices using an application running on an Android or iOS mobile device. Common use cases include fitness bands and other wearables, proximity tags, and smart home appliances. During the development and testing stage of such solutions, a generic tool is often required in order to interact with the Bluetooth® LE devices.

The SmartBond™ app by Renesas is a generic Bluetooth® LE mobile app, which aims to provide access to all features that are available by the Android and iOS Bluetooth APIs.

This webinar will provide a demonstration of the SmartBond™ app key features and functionality.

Presented by:
Stathis Papatzanakis
Senior Software Applications Engineer
Renesas Electronics

Stathis is a Senior Software Applications Engineer at Renesas Electronics. He began working as a Mobile Developer for Dialog Semiconductor (now Renesas) in 2015, and is now one of main developers of Renesas Bluetooth® LE mobile apps for Android and iOS, including the SmartBond™ app.

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