Win An RX Target Board

target boards We are pleased to introduce the target boards for the RX65N, RX130 and RX231 Microcontroller Groups. The RX Target Board concept is to provide an Easy and Inexpensive entry point for embedded designers to evaluate, prototype and develop their projects, and offer everything designers need to start board and demo development with RX Family of MCUs – RX65N, RX231, RX130. The RX65N combines an enhanced RX CPU core architecture and 120MHz operation to achieve processing. The RX231 operates at 54 MHz and combines a 32-bit RXv2 CPU core with improved DSP/FPU and low-power consumption to realize extreme power efficiency. The RX130 is ultra-low power and low-cost, adds higher responsiveness and functionality for touch-based applications requiring 3v or 5v system control and low power consumption. Features of Target Board:

  • Develop using the on board emulator circuit
  • Pin Header for all pins and PMOD header
  • Integrated with E2 Lite OB debugger
  • Regional low-cost boards have been unified into a worldwide family
Learn more about the target board here

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