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Online Event | December 9th, 2020

Every development starts with an idea. Here at Renesas, it is all about realizing big ideas. Every day engineers all around the world are developing new ideas, improving existing ones, or trying to interlink two or more together, which at first glance may seem mutually exclusive. Whatever the idea may be, whether it's about automated driving in the automotive industry, or the IoT in all industries - engineers face great challenges when it comes to implementing ideas. Their requirements for feasibility, reliability, usability, functional safety, and much more, are complex.

It is no coincidence that Renesas is known for fulfilling all these requirements, and that we are at the center of technological innovation. As a result, the great ideas of the industry are in perfect hands with us. We make them real by embedding endpoint intelligence in as many places as possible to make every day life easier, safer, healthier, and greener. In doing so, we are the enabler of big ideas, which are embedded inside any kind of customer application we can think of.

This is why our promise is: Renesas Electronics - Big Ideas for Every Space.

We are proud to invite you to our exclusive one-day virtual event, where you will have the chance to:

  • Get in-depth technology and design insights from our world-class experts
  • See multiple advanced product demos
  • Hear keynotes on market direction and opportunities from our executives

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Please find the event schedule below:

9:00 AM CET Welcome & Introduction
9:05 AM CET EMEA Keynote On Tech Day
9:15 AM CET Renesas RA Family Solution Renesas High-End MPU Solutions
11:00 AM CET Renesas Security Solutions Renesas Power Solutions
1:30 PM CET Renesas Capacitive Touch Solution Renesas Sensor Solutions
3:45 PM CET Renesas Energy Harvesting Solutions Renesas Motor Control Solutions

Welcome and Introduction as well as an overview on the Renesas Tech Day event. Get information on the agenda and the flow of the training day. Get a guideline on how to use the MS-Teams channels and where to find data and collateral.
Renesas EMEA FAE Manager

Andreas is the Renesas IIBU FAE Manager and Coordinator of technical FAE activities in Europe. He has over 25 years of experience in MCU/MPU support & applications.

Time: 9:00AM - 9:05AM CET
Type: Lecture
Join this keynote speech, given by Andreas Hammer, Renesas’ IoT and Infrastructure Business Unit EMEA VP of Sales. Learn about Renesas as your strong technology partner, now and in the future.
Vice President EMEA Sales IIBU

With over 25 years Sales and Management experience in the semiconductor industries, Andreas Hammer joined Renesas Electronics in Oct 2020. He is Head of the IoT & Infrastructure Business Unit for Europe and is focusing to bring Renesas Success to the next level. Join the introduction to see what Renesas is aiming at as strong Technology Partner.

Time: 9:05AM - 9:10AM CET
Type: Lecture


New and Expanded Renesas Arm® Cortex®-M23/M33 Family Introduction - Renesas introduces new devices based on Cortex M23 and M33 that offer high performance by keeping low power a priority. Get the latest information about RA products, tools, and the Partner Ecosystem.
IIBU Senior Manager MCU Business

Markus has nearly 20 years of experience in the semiconductor industry. Working in different application areas throughout his career, security has always been one of his key competencies while supporting automotive and industrial customers.

Time: 9:15AM - 11:00AM CET
Type: Lecture
Track: A
Renesas RA Family Security Features - Security is an essential requirement for MCU-based products. Discover the unique advantages of Renesas security-focused MCUs, with integrated secure element functionality, unlimited secure key storage, and patented development tools to simplify Arm® TrustZone® usage.
IIBU Principal Engineer

With over 30 years in the software and semiconductor industries, Kimberly has experience with all aspects of embedded software development. Her main goal has always been to create high-quality, easy-to-use tools, software libraries, and complete solutions that accurately address customer needs. Currently focusing on security solutions, Kimberly works with industry experts to ensure that Renesas offers viable security solutions, from concept to implementation to production.

IIBU Principal Engineer Tools Marketing

David has been with Renesas for over 20 years with a continual focus on MCU development tools including compilers, debuggers, and IDEs. Prior to joining Renesas, he worked for a number of In Circuit Emulator companies as a Design and Support Engineer. Over the last year, David has concentrated on developing tools to simplify implementation of secure embedded solutions specifically based on Arm® V8M TrustZone technology.

Time: 11:00AM - 12:30PM CET
Type: Lecture
Track: A
Capacitive Touch is a key differentiator on Renesas MCUs. Learn about the New CapTouch Solutions on RA. Get the background on how to adjust & configure with smart Tools really fast a capacitive touch system. See the RA CapTouch Demo Kits active.
Senior Staff Engineer MCU Business Development

Mickael Haudebourg is a Business Development Manager at Renesas Electronics Europe. He is responsible for the promotion of RA microcontroller hardware and solutions in Europe with a focus on the distribution market. Working in the semiconductors industry for more than 15 years in various roles, he understands the needs of the market and customers that enable him to establish and support solutions in many domains. Mickael also responsible for Renesas capacitive touch solutions in Europe.

Renesas IIBU Senior Staff Engineer

Richard Warner is an Applications Engineer based out of the UK Renesas office. He has worked for Renesas for nearly 20 years. During this time, he has been responsible for supporting Hitachi H8/300, H8/300H, H8SX & RX proprietary MCUs, and more recently the Arm based Renesas Synergy and the RA MCU Families. He has also been responsible for general MCU support of all the RX and Arm MCUs, specializing in the Renesas CTSU (Capacitive Touch) and Low Power solutions.

Time: 1:30PM - 3:30PM CET
Type: Lecture
Track: A
How should we power the IoT? Renesas will introduce the new RE ultra-low power microcontroller family that enables energy harvesting applications and discuss how these devices can help us use energy harvesting to power the next generation of IoT sensors, enabling them to operate with smaller batteries, or even without a battery at all.
IIBU Marketing Staff Engineer for Renesas Ultra-Low Power MCU Family

Dirk has been active in the SoC Marketing/Biz Development of SoC/ASIC for more than 10 years at Renesas Electronics. He has worked in several roles in Application Engineering for 3G Baseband processing, video, audio coding, and networking applications at NEC Electronics.

Time: 3:45PM - 5:00PM CET
Type: Lecture / Demo
Track: A


Get comprehensive insight on Renesas high-end processing solutions and AI-applications. Learn about the RZ/G2x platform solution concept and see the latest vision solutions and demos based upon RZ/G2x & RZ/A.
Senior Manager IIBU RZ MPU Department

Stefano Tansini is Business Development Senior Manager at Renesas Electronics Europe. He is responsible for RZ MPUs EMEA Business Development & Application Engineering operations. He has been active in the semiconductor business for more than 20 years with deep knowledge of complex SoC (ASICs, MPUs, Net Memory).

IIBU Senior Staff Engineer

Michele Bisogno is a Senior Application Engineer at Renesas Electronics Europe. He is responsible for the technical engineering support for RZ MPUs for all European Markets and can rely on great experience coming from other semiconductor suppliers in the area of high-end MPUs and Arm processors. His competence allows him to support Renesas customers and partners from an HW & SW perspective.

Time: 9:15AM - 11:00AM CET
Type: Lecture / Demo
Track: B
With the acquisitions of both Intersil and IDT, Renesas is now THE place for all your power essentials. Get the very latest technology news and information on Renesas Power Solutions.

Part 1 - Renesas Power Solutions - How to select the right product.
See our Focus Power Areas - How to utilize solution approach with our Winning Combinations. How to power Renesas MCUs and MPUs.

Part 2 - Get the News on Renesas Power Portfolio.
High Voltage AC/DC Regulators - Buck Regulators - Latest LDOs (incl. Low Noise LDOs) - Low-Iq products as well as Digital Power / PMICs.
Senior Staff Engineer EMEA System and Solutions Team

Markus Murauer is a System Architect within the System and Solutions Team at Renesas Electronics Europe. He has worked in the semiconductor industry for more than 10 years as a Field Application Engineer, prior to this he acted as Electronics R&D Engineer for 10 years. His experience gives him well-rounded system knowledge throughout industrial and IoT applications that he can leverage when creating “Winning Combinations” for the comprehensive Renesas Portfolio.

IIBU Staff Engineer

L'ubomir Fenic is a Field Application Engineer at Renesas. In his role, he is responsible for technical support for Renesas Analog & Power products. His past role in the last 19 years includes design and technical support for switch mode power supplies.

Time: 11:00AM - 12:30PM CET
Type: Lecture
Track: B
Get the background on Renesas solutions for sensing the different signals and values coming from typical use cases. This session will explain Winning Combinations of Renesas Sensors + Power + MCU including communication.

Learn about and see our Air Quality Sensor + Bluetooth and Multisensor PoC platform using Renesas integrated sensors. Get the benefits of our Light & ToF, as well as Humidity sensors.
Senior Staff Engineer EMEA System And Solutions Team

Dirk has more than 20 years of experience in developing embedded products for the industrial and home automation market with some focus on RF and low power. At Renesas he has worked as Principal Application Engineer in the Home & Healthcare segments, supporting customers (e.g. around Bluetooth). Dirk also works as a System Architect for the Renesas System Solution Team, proposing complete solutions from block diagram, to Proof of Concept studies, fitting to EMEA market customers’ requirements with a focus on sensors, RF, and low power.

IIBU Product Marketing Manager for Gas Sensors

Dr. Christian Meyer is a Product Marketing Manager at Renesas. His past roles in the last 15 years include responsibilities in analyzing different gas technologies, as well as sensor development. His education is in Applied Physics and Engineering for Atmospheric Measurements.

IIBU Staff Engineer

L'ubomir Fenic is a Field Application Engineer at Renesas. In his role, he is responsible for technical support for Renesas Analog & Power products. His past role in the last 19 years includes design and technical support for switch mode power supplies.

Time: 1:30PM - 3:30PM CET
Type: Lecture
Track: B
Get comprehensive insight into the dedicated solutions that drive precise, efficient motor control. Learn about the very latest intelligent, integrated solutions that drive - including the new Arm Cortex RA6T1 - that will massively simplify and speed your design, including kits, analyzer GUIs, tuning software, and advanced software extension algorithms.
MCU Business Development Manager

Suad Jusuf is a Control and Regulation System Specialist and Business Development Manager with more than 20 years of experience in embedded control systems and developing reference designs.

Time: 3:45PM - 5:00PM CET
Type: Lecture / Demo
Track: B