On‑Demand Webinar

Real-time control is increasingly required in devices used in various industries such as industrial automation or energy managment. With the progress in both process technology and technical innovation, the newest generation of silicon is able to provide yet umatched real-time performance.

A common real-time control use case for industrial automation is a servo motor. The servor motor features scale from low to high end. In order for customers to design cost-efficient and high performance servo systems, the electronic components need to scale in a similar way like the end product itself, as well as the related software.

In this webinar, you will learn how to build scalable, high performance systems with EtherCAT and how you can recycle your design efforts to scale up and down based on application requirements

During this webinar, you will learn:

  1. How to build a scalable, high performance system with EtherCAT
  2. The high performance architecture of the RZ/T2L MPU
  3. The extensive support of ecosystem and software components including the Rensas Flexible Software Package (FSP), functional safety solutions, security solution, encoder interfaces, and more
Presented by:
Knut Dettmer
Senior Manager
Renesas Electronics

Knut Dettmer is a Senior Manager responsible for business development in industrial automation. Knut's 23 years of experience working in engineering, marketing, and business development roles provides customers great market insight, and makes Knut an excellent resource to support next-generation designs.

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