On‑Demand Webinar

In this session, we'll show the ways technology is transforming how we stay healthy and fit. Join us as we dive into how being connected is shaping the future of wellness. From tracking our health data in real-time with Bluetooth® Low Energy to accessing online fitness resources via Wi-Fi and enabling seamless configuration of personal medical and home care devices through NFC, we'll explain how Renesas is leading the charge in this dynamic industry. Let's explore together how technology is making us healthier and more connected!

In this webinar, you will learn about:
  • How Connectivity is transforming Connected Health and Fitness Applications
  • Key target applications
  • Customer references
Presented by:
David Renno
Senior Manager of Business Development
Renesas Electronics

Joined Renesas in June 2023 after Panthronics acquisition. Prior to Renesas, I have been active in semiconductor companies (Panthronics, ST Micro, ams AG, Watchdata) for over 10 years as Product Marketing focusing on NFC and embedded security.

David Armour
Global Director Business Development
Renesas Electronics

Joined Renesas Feb 2024. David worked for a range of companies over the past 20+ years. He was a key contributor from the early days of Wi-Fi in companies such as Intersil, Broadcom & Cypress and more recently in product marketing and business development leadership roles with Semtech, Imagination Tech and Synaptics.

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