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Connected devices are a firm requirement for many new products. This tends to add complexity to both software and hardware design with an extended development schedule as a result. At Renesas, we are focused on supporting developers and product designers to reduce time‑to‑market and keen to provide a complete end‑to‑end solution. Renesas delivers high‑quality solutions while adopting a ready‑to‑go ultra‑low power wi‑fi approach.

During this webinar, we're going to:

  • Highlight the key functionality of the DA16200 Ultra‑Low Power Wi‑Fi SoC
  • Highlight and explain the extended AT Command functionality
  • Show wi‑fi implementation details on the RA6M4 MCU host
  • Demonstrate ready‑to‑go ultra‑low power wi‑fi using Renesas RA6 Series MCUs as an example using the SparkFun Wi‑Fi Shield

Presented by:

Ture Nielsen
Product Marketing Manager
Renesas Electronics

Ture Nielsen is the Product Marketing Manager of the IoT Wi‑Fi portfolio at Renesas Electronics with the mission to accelerate broad market adaptation for ultra‑low power wi‑fi products across IoT applications. Ture has a wealth of experience with more than 20 years in the Wireless Connectivity Semiconductor industry, and more than 10 years of dedication to low‑power products.

Paolo Scarlata
Principal Field Applications Engineer
Renesas Electronics

Paolo Scarlata is an experienced Field Application Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the Semiconductor industry. He earned his Master's Degree in Electronic Engineering at the University of Palermo in Italy. His international career spans various positions at global players such as STMicroelectronics, Fujitsu, Spansion, Cypress, and Renesas Electronics.

Sandeep Mistry
Staff Software Engineer

Sandeep Mistry is Staff Software Engineer for Arm’s Automotive and IoT Developer relations team. He has a passion for enabling developers through his open source contributions by making complex technologies simpler.

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