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Please join wolfSSL as they take you through the challenges and successes of securing applications, devices, IoT and the cloud.

Today, security is at the heart of IoT - a web of connected devices and applications. Utilizing wolfSSL’s expertise in securing over 2 billion connections worldwide, the wolfSSL product portfolio offers customers optimal performance, rapid integration, standards compliance, hardware crypto support and Engineering support up to the 24x7 level. wolfSSL takes pride in being the most comprehensively tested and supported cryptography available.

In this session, users will learn how wolfSSL's products are designed for quick and easy integration with an RA Ready project. The integration allows users the ability to leverage hardware crypto solutions, and support for the most current standards. All products are designed for ease-of-use with clean APIs and are backed by a dedicated and responsive support and development team. Easy to use and manage, wolfSSL makes adding security for many applications including Industrial, Mobile, Smart Home/Appliance and other IoT markets a breeze.

Presented by:

Chris Conlon
Software Engineer
wolfSSL Inc.

Chris Conlon is a Software Engineer at wolfSSL, an open source Internet security company focused primarily on SSL/TLS. Chris has worked closely with the wolfSSL TLS library, wolfCrypt cryptography library, and the tech community to help secure connected applications and smart devices worldwide. Chris currently enjoys living in Bozeman, MT.

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