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Renesas' complementary product portfolios of Analog + Power + Embedded Processing are working together to deliver comprehensive solutions. Our product experts have developed reference designs called "Winning Combinations," compelling product combinations that help our customers accelerate their designs and go to market faster. These Winning Combinations focus on verticals, including industrial, infrastructure, building automation, health/medical, and consumer segments to service more customers and partners worldwide. In this webinar, attendees will learn:

  • How Winning Combinations will help customer design challenges
  • Where to find the Winning Combinations and what segments they cover
  • How to contact Renesas about Winning Combinations

Presented by:

Baltazar Mercado
Business Development Manager,
Renesas Electronics America

Baltazar Mercado is part of the Systems & Solutions Team at Renesas and works with the global team to create reference designs based on problems from the industry that need to be solved. He has over 20 years of engineering and marketing experience in the semiconductor industry.

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