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Web Bluetooth® is a JavaScript API that works inside Chromium‑based web browsers. It's supported in Chrome and Edge browsers in Chrome OS, Windows 10, Android M+, Mac OS X, and Linux. Web Bluetooth takes advantage of the native Bluetooth hardware in your phone, Mac or PC, and facilitates interactions with peripheral devices directly from the browser. It brings some great advantages which can ease both development and product deployment using Bluetooth Low Energy.

During this webinar, we will cover:

  • Web Bluetooth® - What Is It?
  • Pros and Cons
  • Examples of Web Bluetooth® and What It Can Do
  • Demonstrate how simple Web Bluetooth® is to work with using our DA14531 Bluetooth® LE TINY

Presented by:

Mikael Hvid
Principal Field Applications Engineer
Renesas Electronics

Principal Field Applications Engineer, Mikael, specializes in Bluetooth Low Energy. He has been with Dialog (now Renesas) since 2013. In previous roles, he worked on Wi‑Fi as well as classic Bluetooth Applications. Mikael is an early adopter of Web Bluetooth and has contributed to some of the specification work. He's been situated in the SF Bay Area since 2004 and has a main goal of helping engineers see how Web Bluetooth offers a tool that they should take advantage of in their every‑day work.

Alex Kengen
International Product Marketing Manager
Renesas Electronics

Marketing Manager responsible for driving Dialog (now Renesas) connectivity leadership and growth in the consumer market. He has close to 25 years of experience in the telecom and semiconductor industries and has served in a variety of roles ranging from system engineering to marketing and business development.

Jim Benefer
Regional Product Marketing Manager
Renesas Electronics

Jim joined Dialog (now Renesas) in 2019, assuming responsibility for Bluetooth Low Energy product marketing for the Americas. His foundations are in radio systems and real‑time DSP which he has applied to cellular and connectivity products from consumer through to military.

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