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Wireless power sharing, or reverse wireless power charging, has been prominent in television ads and online promotion, but it’s not just for premium smartphones. See how your wireless power receiver design can change the power flow direction and deliver power to other Qi-certified devices.

In this webinar, Gopi will explain how the WattShare™ feature works, applications of WattShare technology, hardware and software design considerations, and how to prototype your next WattShare design with a P9415-R evaluation board.

P9415-R is the world’s first broadly available 15W wireless power receiver with WattShare™ technology, the latest advancement in the Renesas wireless power solutions portfolio. In WattShare mode, the P9415-R delivers up to 5W of power to charge other Qi-certified devices using the same wireless power coil and circuitry to both receive and transmit power wirelessly. This enables a whole new frontier of wireless charging experiences in smartphones, power banks, and portable industrial and medical equipment. Using P9415-R WattShare technology, powerbanks can include both wireless power receiver and transmitter functions at a low cost.

Presented by:

Gopi Akkinepally Gopi Akkinepally
Sr Marketing Manager
Renesas Electronics

Gopi Akkinepally is a Marketing Manager for wireless power products for Renesas. He is located in the San Jose, CA office and has been with the company for more than three years helping various consumer, industiral, and medical customers design wireless charging capabilities into their systems.

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