On‑Demand Webinar

Building and deploying Edge AI can be extremely difficult and time consuming if done from scratch. This webinar aims to highlight how Imagimob AI streamlines that development process. As an example, this webinar will show how this can be done to build a letter writing application for the KT‑CAP1‑MATRIXPAD and deploy the model on the RA2L1 low‑power MCU running the Arm Cortex M‑23.

Presented by:

Sam Al‑Attiyah
Head of Customer Success

Songyi Ma
AI Engineer

With experience running many different projects to production ready models, Sam and Songyi have indepth knowledge of every phase of building Edge AI. From planning and executing data collection, to building models and optimising them, and finally, to edge deployment and actually putting the AI onto the device and releasing it into the field. Sam and Songyi can build and deploy Edge AI for any sensor, on any device, for any application.

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