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Dialog’s (now Renesas) DA16200 SoC defines the next step in ultra‑low power Wi‑Fi. Designing with the DA16200 Wi‑Fi SoC enables creation of IoT applications to achieve years of battery life from standard AA batteries whilst being connected to the Wi‑Fi network.

During this webinar, you will learn how the DA16200 can achieve battery lifetime measured in 'years' due to its incredible low power operation and sleep currents. We'll also demonstrate the tools and evaluation kits which can be used to achieve this great performance.

The DA16200 is a complete standalone Wi‑Fi device, including everything you need. You can even run your application on it!

Presented by:

Ture Nielsen
Product Marketing Manager
Renesas Electronics

Ture Nielsen is Product Marketing Manager of the IoT Wi‑Fi portfolio at Renesas Electronics with the mission to accelerate broad market adaptation to ultra‑low power Wi‑Fi products across IoT applications. Ture has a wealth of experience with more than 20 years in the wireless connectivity semiconductor industry, and more than 10 years of dedication to low power products.

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