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The explosive growth of IoT wireless connectivity applications creates a demand for ultra-low power consumption capabilities to drive fast transitions from no load to full load in battery-powered devices. Ultra-low Iq buck-boost regulators are key components for these always connected, low-power IoT devices. This webinar shows examples of design considerations for a variety of ultra-low Iq system designs including wireless earbuds, fitness bands, smart watches, water and gas meters, portable medical devices, as well as battery-powered smart IoT devices.

Presented by:

John Demiray
Sr. Product Marketing Manager
Renesas Electronics

John has been a Sr. Product Marketing Manager for Renesas' Infrastructure and IoT Power products for 3 years. He is responsible for Power ICs for battery operated products. Prior to Renesas, John held positions at NXP and other semiconductor companies such as Vishay, Exar, and Mindspeed.

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