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With the introduction of Wi‑Fi 6, Target Wake Time (TWT) has become one of the main features that enable the access point to define when IoT devices can access the wireless network. This feature can reduce the power consumption of battery‑powered devices. With the Renesas DA16200 low‑power solution, Universal‑TWT features are provided not only to Wi‑Fi 6 APs/Routers, but also to non‑Wi‑Fi 6 APs/Routers.

This webinar revolves around Wi‑Fi 6 TWT, followed by DA16200's Universal‑TWT feature, which is an excellent way for battery‑powered devices to conserve power with no strings attached. The webinar also covers the similarities between Universal‑TWT and Wi‑Fi 6 TWT, as well as the advantages of Universal‑TWT over Wi‑Fi 6 TWT.

Presented by:

Ken Wu
Product Marketing Manager, IoT Wi-Fi Business Unit,
Renesas Electronics

Ken (Chiu‑Kun) Wu is Sr. Product Marketing Manager of the IoT Wi‑Fi business unit at Renesas and is responsible for managing Wi‑Fi customers in North America. Ken began his career as an ASIC Verification Engineer for the 802.11a baseband chip at Radiata Communications, later acquired by Cisco in 2000. Ken holds MSEE and MBiomed degrees from the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia.

Omer Cheema
Senior Director, IoT Wi‑Fi Business Unit,
Renesas Electronics

Omer Cheema is the head of the IoT Wi‑Fi business unit at Renesas Electronics where his mission is to build disruptive low power products to accelerate the adoption of IoT. Dr. Cheema is a technology veteran with about 20 years of experience in corporate strategy, marketing, management consulting, and technology development.

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