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Capacitive touch can be difficult. With CapExt, we aim to fix this. In this webinar, we will discuss how CapExt can easily simulate a whole PCB with minimal user interaction in just a few minutes, and how this can be used to make better capacitive touch, saving months of prototyping and possible in-field issues later on. CapExt is built for electrical engineers. Requiring only design files such as Gerbers, CapExt will handle the rest for you.

Presented by:

Torbjørn Viksand Torbjørn Viksand
CapExt AS

Torbjørn Viksand has a background as a physicist and as an application engineer responsible for capacitive touch. He has spent the last five years developing CapExt which is a software package aimed at making capacitive touch approachable and easy to use.

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