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Renesas' ISL94216 solves the integration requirements for 36V+ batteries by bringing all the analog protection, monitoring, reporting, and balancing circuits into a single device. Safe, rapid battery development is enabled from this highly integrated battery front end IC, which eliminates many BOM selections and PCB size through integration, and many PCB verification and test challenges are now pre-addressed at the IC level.

Presented by:

Tad Keeley
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Renesas Electronics

Tad Keeley manages Renesas product marketing for battery front end and management ICs. Tad has worked over 10 years in Renesas' battery management IC group, starting in the 2000's to introduce Renesas' newly launched multichip MCU plus BFE devices for fuel gauging and battery management for NBPC's. Tad has also worked for Renesas on product definitions for battery MOSFETs, battery front ends, and other power devices.

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