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Are you an active user of Amazon FreeRTOS for your MCU designs? Are you struggling with the challenge of getting your IOT devices to talk to the Cloud? Check out this easy-to-use kit that can get your devices connected right away.

Introducing qualification and support of FreeRTOS along with a FreeRTOS-qualified Smart Configurator for RX devices, in this webinar we discuss the new RX65N Cloud Kit which can simplify the process of getting connected to the Cloud using Amazon Web Services (AWS).

With FreeRTOS qualifications and the RX65N Cloud Kit, you'll have the ability to explore the wide variety of options offered with the RX65N 32-bit MCU. You’ll also be able to get connected to the Cloud quickly and inexpensively using AWS and FreeRTOS. The kit comes with everything you'll need to enable fast prototyping of your system and get data sent to the Cloud. You'll be able to develop and debug software using FreeRTOS, collect data from a variety of sensors, and communicate parameters securely to the Cloud.

Be sure to register for our webinar and learn just how easily get connected to the Cloud using Renesas MCUs, Amazon FreeRTOS and AWS, the RX65N Cloud kit and associated software.

Presented by:

Michael Sarpa
Product Marketing Manager, RX Products & Solutions
Renesas Electronics

Michael Sarpa is responsible for product marketing and customer development for Renesas' flagship RX 32-bit MCU product line. RX MCUs are at the heart of all aspects of IoT development from the node to the cloud and Michael's 25+ years of experience working with and supporting embedded developers provides customers and ecosystem partners an excellent resource when developing next-generation platforms.

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