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Bluetooth® Low Energy has three main topology options to connect devices. The first option is a point-to-point topology, connecting one-to-one device communication optimized for data transfer and widely used in health management equipment. The second option is a broadcast topology, connecting one-to-many device communications and is ideal for direction searching. The third option is a Mesh topology, connecting many-to-many device communications optimized to control, monitor, and automate multiple systems securely, which is suitable to the current lifestyles that focus on convenience and efficiency. In our webinar, we are going to deep dive into the Mesh topology data transfer method which will demonstrate integration into a generic system. We will also show how to use the RX23W, the first MCU Group to support full functionality of Bluetooth Low Energy, and its complementary Bluetooth Mesh Software Package to develop a Smart Home with Mesh topology.

Presented by:

Michael Sarpa
Product Marketing Manager, RX Products & Solutions
Renesas Electronics

Michael Sarpa is responsible for product marketing and customer development for Renesas' flagship RX 32-bit MCU product line. Michael's 25+ years of experience working with and supporting embedded developers provides customers and ecosystem partners an excellent resource when developing next-generation platforms.

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