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Please join this unique webinar co‑hosted by Renesas and wolfSSL. This webinar will illustrate how Renesas’ new RX products and Trusted Secure IP (TSIP) can help you implement robust security and how that aligns with wolfSSL, TLS 1.3 supported embedded SSL/TLS library. During the webinar, we will also show the most recent benchmarking data of wolfSSL in a software implementation compared to TSIP hardware acceleration.


  1. Introducing Renesas RX MCU with dedicated security hardware ‘Trusted Secure IP’ features - By Renesas
  2. Experiencing the outstanding security performance of the RX MCU with wolfSSL’s SSL/TLS security - By wolfSSL

Presented by:

Chris Conlon
Software Engineering Manager

Chris Conlon is a Software Engineering Manager at wolfSSL, an open source Internet security company focused primarily on SSL/TLS. Chris has worked closely with the wolfSSL TLS library, wolfCrypt cryptography library, and the tech community to help secure connected applications and smart devices worldwide. Chris currently enjoys living in Bozeman, MT.

Neelima Chaurasia
Senior Applications Engineer
Renesas Electronics

Neelima Chaurasia works as Senior Applications Engineer for the IoT group at Renesas. She is based in California and is responsible for application support of Renesas microcontrollers.

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