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In this webinar, viewers will learn how easily a manufacturer can empower its devices with the DLMS protocol using Terranova's Smart Meter Library. DLMS / COSEM (IEC 62056, AINSI C12, EN13757-1) is the global standard for energy and water smart management, advanced control, and innovative metering.

Webinar topics:

  • Analyze key features of the product
  • Examine the technical benefits and overall architecture
  • Highlight Renesas RA and RL78 platform support

Presented by:
Lucio Machetti
R&D Manager, Line Solution Architect

Lucio Machetti is R&D Manager at Terranova, a leading Italian provider of versatile, innovative utilities solutions where he leads the development of a smart metering platform using GPRS, 169 MHz and NBIoT technologies,. He is also a Board Member at HPA, an innovative startup which provides software solutions based on AI. Lucio has extensive experience and expertise related to communication protocols and wireless networks. He has also published cutting-edge research titled: “Distributed Channel Assignment Algorithm for Wireless Mesh Networks”.

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