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Long-term usage of IoT edge devices are highly important with the enormous amount of data collected every minute. It is important to reduce all related risks that may stop the usage of IoT edge devices, including geopolitical risks with barriers of entry to use a technology globally, monopoly risks with no available alternative intellectual property (IP) technology, and non-neutral risk where the IP tehcnology cannot be used due to hostile takeovers.

To resolve the aforementioned issues, it is important to develop flexible IoT edge devices; however, there are three issues faced when developing flexible IoT devices:

  1. High-performance CPU that creates new added value
  2. Efficient product development
  3. Reduction of system cost

Watch this webinar to learn how Renesas' newly released 64-bit entry-level RZ/Five MPUs, equipped with open and free RISC-V ISA-compliant CPUs, can solve all the three issues.

Presented by:
Johannes Bruecker
Senior Staff Product Engineer
Renesas Electronics

Johannes Bruecker is responsible for business development of RZ MPUs in EMEA operations with a focus on the DACH+NL region. Johannes works in Renesas Electronics' IoT and Infrastructure Business Unit, and has over 23 years of experience in the semiconductor field as a Development Engineer, Application Engineer, and Business Development Manager.

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