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In the IoT era, it is necessary to sense various things and send secure information to the cloud. IoT Edge devices need to deliver higher performance while reducing power consumption. It is also important to ensure security in IoT Edge devices to prevent information from being hacked or stolen. In addition to these features, small size is required for the end products.

The RL78/G23 Group is the most suitable microcontroller for such market trends. The RL78/G23 Group is equipped with a SNOOZE Mode Sequencer (SMS) to reduce current consumption during intermittent operation, and also has a security spoofing prevention function. The RL78/G23 has a built-in capacitive touch sensing unit and a remote control receiving circuit, allowing a more compact PCB design.

Participants of this webinar will learn how to:

  • Raise IoT Edge performance by implementing peripheral functions and security
  • Keep power consumption low with the RL78/G23
  • Migrate easily from existing MCUs using enhanced peripheral functions
  • Speed-up development by utilizing the easy-to-use development environment (Smart Configurator)

Presented by:

Sho Hataki
Staff Engineer
Renesas Electronics

Sho Hataki is responsible for the product marketing of the RL78 Family RL78/G23 MCU Group within Renesas Electronics IoT and Infrastructure Business Unit. He has over 3 years of experience within microcontroller technical marketing, and has been supporting product definition and global sales strategy for Renesas' RL78 Family RL78/G23 MCUs since 2018.

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