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The demand for touchless interface with IoT and endpoint devices is growing rapidly, but the cost and complexity of designing voice recognition interfaces is often a deterrent to designers; Covid has only accelerated this trend.

An ideal solution to meet the challenge would run on a small MCU and leave room for the principal product application. It would work autonomously and have a reasonably rich vocabulary to address the product needs, but not necessarily natural language processing.

Adding VUI to your design should be as easy as it is for your customers to use it. Renesas has worked with Cyberon to integrate their voice recognition software, DSpotter, into a turnkey reference solution kit. Watch this hands-on lab demonstration to learn how to add a VUI in minutes using your own voice commands. The lab includes:

  • A review of the VUI template and tools
  • Runnning the template and making simple changes
  • Starting a project from scratch to demonstrate how simple it is to incorporate speech recognition into a product design without a cloud connection
Visit the Voice Recognition page to order the kit of your choice and then watch this lab to get started today.

Presented by:
Vincent D'Agostino
Founder & Principal
D'Agostino Industries Group, Inc.

Vin D’Agostino has spent more than 40 years developing MCU and MPU-based products in multiple industries including industrial controls, smart batteries, motor control, laboratory instrumentation, and medical devices. His semiconductor industry background started with Exar and Renesas. He is a named Engineer on 5 US patents and is a recipient of the Emerson Electric Technology Award. Vin has a BS in Electrical Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology and a Masters in Computer Science from the Polytechnic Institute of New York. He currently sits on two Electrical Engineering department advisory boards: Stevens Institute and Santa Clara University, where he also serves as chair. Vin also consults in technical value proposition, technical marketing, system design and architecture, and eLearning. Vin is an adjunct professor at Santa Clara University teaching Embedded Systems at the graduate level, and has taught summer workshops at Stevens.

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