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Electrical Fast Transients (EFT) can damage the RS-485 bus transceivers of industrial networks. In RS-485 networks, the transceivers are connected in parallel, so damage to a single bus node can bring down the entire network. The cost of network downtime is the total cost of lost productivity, lost revenue, recovery costs, and intangible costs associated with downtime. It is currently estimated at about $340,000/hour (source Gartner Inc.).

In this webinar, we will briefly review EFTs and the issues they can cause, and then look at how Renesas' RAA78815x transceivers have the industry's highest EFT immunity, and are thus the perfect solution for EFT issues.

Presented by:

Tom Kugelstadt
Senior Applications Engineer
Renesas Electronics

Tom Kugelstadt is the Principal Application Engineer for Renesas' Interface products. He is an expert on digital interfaces and digital isolators. Tom has 40 years of experience in analog circuit design with Siemens, TI, and Renesas. He is the author of 100+ application notes, white papers, tech briefs, and "Active Filter Design Techniques" in TI's "Op Amps for Everyone" handbook, which has become part of the EE Curriculum at many universities in the US and Europe.

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