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Reduce design and development time by 2/3 of the given overall development period. Keep the high quality and reliability of your 3-Phase inverter driven Motor Control system. No deadline deliverance extension. Reach the minimum of investments by reducing the overall cost. Enable a faster go-to market design. Sounds good, but is it realistic?

Yes! With the Renesas microcontroller-based 3-Phase Brushless Motor Control Reference Design, you have the unique advantage of using state-of-the-art motor control software combined with flexible hardware, enabling the development of the most advanced brushless 3-phase motor control system. This webinar discusses how easily you can develop 3-phase brushless motor control with the Renesas Motor Control Solutions and reference designs.

Presented by:

Suad Jusuf Suad Jusuf
Senior Stuff Engineer
Renesas Electronics Europe
Suad Jusuf is responsible for the technical marketing management within the smart home segment of Renesas Electronics Industrial Business Unit in Europe. He has over 16 year experience within product development, development of motor control systems, reference designs, various motor control algorithms and libraries for 8, 16 and 32-Bit MCUs. His primary focus has been to provide high quality, easy-to use hard- and soft-ware system solutions as reference designs to further enable other system engineers and developers.

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