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In this webinar, we will discuss the modular design of Utthunga's Modbus TCP Stack, how to connect your process controllers, and we'll show a demo of Modbus TCP with Renesas RA6M4. You will learn about:

  1. Problems faced in Modbus TCP communication
  2. How to connect your process controllers
  3. Easy communication, fixed memory requirement and portability
  4. An easy‑to‑install and more scalable Stack
  5. Modbus as a popular communication standard to transfer discrete/analog I/O information between industrial devices

Presented by:

Sadatulla Zishan
Marketing Manager

Sadatulla Zishan is Senior Digital Marketing Executive with four years of experience in the marketing domain. Zishan specializes in digital marketing and has worked on SEO, SEM, PPC, email marketing, and website maintenance. He is part of the demand-generation team currently handling Google ads, LinkedIn advertisements, webinar promotion, video creation, and various other campaigns. He has completed his Digital Marketing Certification from Web Marketing Academy in 2019, and holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electronics and Communication.

Ramachandra Gowda
Manager of Embedded Solutions

Ramachandra Gowda manages embedded solutions at Utthunga. He has worked on the stack development of many industrial protocols along with application solutions. He earned his Bachelors degree in Electronics and Communication and his career spans across various R&D and management positions including ABB and IR. His experience also includes ideation and driving quality for both product and organization success.

Anitha S
Senior Engineer

Anitha S is an expert in Embedded Systems design. She has worked on Renesas, NXP, and Nordic based controllers. As a passionate Engineer, she enjoys exploring embedded system technologies, deploying her knowledge in the industry, and she holds bachelor degree in Electronics and Communication from DR.AIT.

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