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micro‑ROS is the variant of ROS 2 for MCUs. The robotics trend has lead to an interconnected network of different robotics parts. Some of them are sensors and actuators based on MCUs. ROS (Robot Operating System) open source robotic framework did not address MCUs due to inherent challenges (memory limitations, real timeness, power consumption, etc.). With micro‑ROS, microcontrollers will no longer be inflexible black boxes. The combination of ROS 2 and micro‑ROS results in a full‑stack robotic framework that lowers market entry barriers by saving costs and accelerating any robot development. It bridges the gap between resource‑constrained microcontrollers and larger application processors.

eProsima is the company behind micro‑ROS and it is key‑partnering with Renesas. The Renesas RA Family of microcontrollers is the micro‑ROS recommended MCU and provides professional technical support at renesas_support@eprosima.com.

This webinar gives you the key insights of ROS and micro‑ROS. We will demonstrate how to develop open source robotic applications using the RA Family.

Presented by:

Maria Merlan
Product Marketing Manager

Maria Merlan is a PhD Engineer specializing in Telecom and Physics with over 10 years of experience in technical market strategy. She has experience in technical projects and international business development, and works in Product Marketing at eProsima with an emphasis on embedded SW middleware, focused in ROS. Her main field of expertise is documented in scientific publications focused on the field of RF techniques and machine learning techniques to monitor the hydro‑mechanical properties of new materials.

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