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Dialog (now Renesas) offers the lowest power Wi-Fi SoC in the world. With our breakthrough low-power VirtualZero™ technology, IoT devices can now have a battery life of one year or more. This technology has the potential to replace existing low-power technologies such as Zigbee and Z Wave.

In this webinar, we explain:

  • How the VirtualZero™-based DA16200 platform will disrupt the smart home market by simplifying the home architecture
  • Why Wi-Fi will become the ubiquitous standard in smart homes
  • What enables us to offer the lowest-power Wi-Fi SoC in the industry

Presented by:

Omer Cheema
Head of IoT Wi‑Fi
Renesas Electronics

Omer is the head of the IoT Wi-Fi business unit at Dialog (now Renesas) where his mission is to build disruptive low-power products to accelerate the adoption of IoT. Dr. Cheema is a technology veteran with about 20 years’ experience in corporate strategy, marketing, management consulting, and technology development. Renesas’ DA16200 Wi-Fi products are disrupting IoT with their ultra-low power capabilities. For the first time in the history of Wi-Fi, a multi-year battery life is now a possibility using Wi-Fi, which was traditionally possible with Zigbee and Z Wave. In this webinar, Dr. Cheema explains how Wi-Fi has the potential to replace Zigbee and Z Wave resulting in a simplified smart home architecture.

Ture Nielsen
Product Marketing Manager
Renesas Electronics

Ture is Product Marketing Manager of the IoT Wi-Fi portfolio at Renesas Electronics with the mission to accelerate broad market adaptation for ultra-low power Wi-Fi products across IoT applications. Ture has a wealth of experience with more than 20 years in the wireless connectivity semiconductor industry, and more than 10 years' dedication to low-power products.

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