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Reduce overall design and development time, improve quality, reliability, and eliminate risks with our latest easy-to-use, hybrid digital PMBus family of ultra-high-density ISL82xxM power modules. In this webinar, we will demonstrate:

  • Best-in-class analog R4™ control loop for unsurpassed input and output transient performance
  • ISL82xxM high density, high efficiency, and incredible thermal and electrical performance
  • The fully encased, fully complete power train requiring zero design effort other than integration
  • 10A/15A power modules with and without PMBus, and all pin-pin compatibility allowing system level tweaking

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This webinar will be conducted twice, at convenient times for international audiences. When registering, you may select the best session for your time zone.

  • Europe: Wednesday, April 17, 2019, 3pm CEST (6am PDT/9am EDT)
  • Americas: Wednesday, April 17, 2019, 11am PDT/2pm EDT (8pm CEST)

Presented by:

Brian Daugherty
Principal Marketing Manager, Industrial Analog & Power, Renesas Electronics
Brian is responsible for power modules, LDOs, SMPS controllers, and advanced technology products. He has over 30 years of power systems design expertise and field engineering.

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