White Paper: Taking Advantage of GaN in Small Satellite “New Space” Applications

guideThe “New Space” movement aims to take a more cost-effective approach for Low Earth Orbit (LEO) missions. It will allow manufacturers to adopt newer technology previously unheard of in space. Gallium Nitride is one such technology. With enhancement mode Gallium Nitride (GaN) FET availability, GaN deployment is now possible in power management applications like the radiation tolerant ISL71040M/43M PWM controller and GaN FET driver. Substantial improvements in board space savings and power efficiency are now realities due to GaN FET best-in-class gate charge performance and higher switching frequency capability. This white paper will discuss how GaN FETs are on optimal fit for satellite applications, and how together, they allow more efficient switching, higher frequency operation, reduced gate drive voltage, and smaller solution sizes compared to the traditional silicon counter parts. Summary:

  • GaN FETs and how they are ideal for powering small satellites
  • Switching power supply applications: Size and weight, bandwidth, and EMI
  • A specialized gate driver and how its needed for GaN FETs to work to their full advantage

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