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Solving the problem of security in your next IoT design has never been easier with the Cypherbridge SDKPac with TrustZone support integrated on the Renesas RA MCU product line. In this webinar, users will learn more about Cypherbridge Azure RTOS Solution Kits to check the boxes for design wins and accelerate time-to-market. As a Microsoft Cloud solution provider, Cypherbridge delivers tailored solutions from device to cloud, integrating embedded security and root of trust, driving edge node sensors and actuators, and securely connecting device telemetry to Azure IoT cloud services. Their value in the Renesas and Microsoft ecosystems includes project ready Azure RTOS SDKs, design services, and long term technical support from legacy to new product designs.

Presented by:

Steve DeLaney
Cypherbridge Systems LLC

Steve is the founder of Cypherbridge® Systems, a technology R&D firm established in 2005, based in Carlsbad, CA. Cypherbridge delivers purpose-built IoT device security, communications protocol software, and cloud-based solutions to a broad range of industries including industrial control, medical, transportation, energy, and point-of-sale.

Steve has served the industry in management and technical leadership roles including VP of Engineering and Senior Engineering Director with companies including Samsung Electronics, Sony Electronics, and Sierra Wireless. His industry experience includes security, wireless, fabless semiconductor for consumer products, and real-time video systems.

He holds a BS in Computer Science from California State University Sacramento.

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