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Although the IoT device market is expected to expand increasingly in the future, there are still various problems faced, such as the time and cost needed to charge and replace batteries and the difficulty in achieving high functionality with limited current supply capacity. Certified by the EEMBC, the RE Family solves these problems as the world's most energy efficient MCU. It combines ultra-low power consumption and high-speed operation features.

In this webinar, we will introduce the features, values, evaluation kits and application note of the RE Family supporting the implementation of IoT devices without battery maintenance.

Presented by:

Manny Singh
Principal Product Marketing Manager
Renesas Electronics

Manny Singh has been a Principal Product Marketing Manager at Renesas since 2018 and has been part of the Strategy and Planning Group, RE MCU, and RZ MCU product lines. Previously, he managed product lines in power management, digital power, wireless charging, ASIC, and SoC. His prior experience includes design, applications, product definition, product line management, business development, and strategy and planning.

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