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Renesas RZ/A2M High‑Speed Embedded AI‑Based Image Processing Microprocessors with Dynamically Reconfigurable Processor (DRP) technology are a perfect fit for mobile devices that feature a MIPI camera. Via the special DRP hardware accelerator built in the MCUs, the RZ/A2M can process images at incredible speeds. This webinar will demonstrate real‑time image processing on a GR‑MANGO board with Free‑RTOS packages and DRP Library.

Presented by:

Yoshiki Koyanagi
Senior Staff Engineer
Renesas Electronics

Engaging in designing ARM core RZ MCUs especially serial comm device driver, and familiar with W‑LAN, motor control.

Takaaki Suezawa
Principal Specialist
Renesas Electronics

Engaged in RZ/A2M DRP library solution development and DRP introduction / development support to customers.

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