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Years of experience with smartphones has taught us to expect a fluid and intuitive user interface on a touchscreen. As touch user interfaces spread to a wider range of devices, device manufacturers are facing challenges as they struggle to deliver a smartphone-like user experience, especially in lower-cost products and markets. Nothing is more likely to break a user’s trust in a device than a touch interface whose response lags their input by too long, or which cannot react consistently to multiple touches. This webinar takes a look at how Qt on Renesas RA6 MCUs can address these concerns.

Presented by:

Aurindam Jana
Product Director
The Qt Company

Aurindam Jana has been working in the software industry for over a decade and currently works at The Qt Company in Berlin, Germany. Aurindam's roots are in software architecture, design, and development through his previous work at Nokia and in Qt R&D teams. He moved to Sales at The Qt Company where he successfully led his team in acquiring new business in Western Europe. After, he was responsible for driving Qt's business globally in the Industrial Automation and Consumer markets. Currently he is heading Qt's business division, delivering software tools for graphics on microcontrollers targeting the automotive, consumer, and industrial market segments.

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