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Demand continues to rise dramatically for cost-sensitive and space-constrained applications that do more and perform better while consuming less power. Customers serving consumer devices, industrial sensors, and medical/healthcare markets are striving to produce low power designs that are smaller and more portable.

In the context of this market trend, microcontrollers mounted on these applications require higher integration, lower power, and must be more compact. The key enablers of such progress are a new generation of 32-bit single chip microcontrollers that are much more power-efficient, such as the RA2L1/RA2E1 MCU groups.

In this webinar, we will provide a complete foundation level understanding of the RA2L1/RA2E1 MCU groups. We will go over:

  • Key features and benefits
  • The easy-to-use development environment
  • Solutions for cost-sensitive and space-constrained applications

Presented by:

Masashi Ueda
Staff Marketing Manager
Renesas Electronics

M. Ueda is a Product Marketing Manager for the RA Family RA2 series MCU within Renesas Electronics IoT and Infrastructure Business Unit in the U.S. He has over 17 years of experience with microcontroller technical marketing. Since August 2017, he supports the product definition and global sales strategy for Renesas RA Family RA2 series MCUs.

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