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Large corporations have suffered damaging and expensive losses from cybersecurity attacks through IoT devices. There are many point-solutions for security, but system architects need a complete endpoint-to-cloud solution.

Building on the hardware security foundation in Renesas RA MCUs and RZ MPUs, this webinar will look at how SmartAxiom uses light embedded blockchain technology to deliver such an endpoint-to-cloud solution in a responsive, scalable, and reliable manner. The SmartAxiom solution also eases mass provisioning, reduces operational costs by minimizing the number of keys and certificates, and satisfies the requirements of a Zero Trust environment.

Presented by:

Trent Poltronetti
VP Marketing and Sales
SmartAxiom Inc.

Accomplished at building global revenue and brand, Trent took tech companies like ARM, Synchronicity, and IPextreme from startup, to global dominance or exit sale. Trent has Engineering and MBA Degrees, but his real success has been in conveying the value of a technology to a business audience to enable sales.

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