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For several years, the Renesas MCU product portfolio has offered state-of-the-art capacitive touch interfaces for applications with buttons, sliders, wheels and more. Our experience and know-how in this area has enabled us to develop new IPs to adapt and improve our solutions. The new Renesas RA family embeds this latest technology, offering innovative features such as fast scan, and advancements in the areas of noise immunity, sensibility and accuracy.

Our technology is perfect for the design of more traditional touch-like buttons, wheels and sliders, but now designers can also embrace touchless control or material detection applications too! The COVID-19 pandemic has created a strong demand for ‘non-contact HMI' to avoid further contamination, and Renesas has developed multiple solutions to address this need.

Renesas Capacitive Touch technology can detect proximity, gestures and materials, for applications such as power switches or door-opening systems, and it's served by solutions that simplify design, lower cost and reduce effects from external noise sources, such as light.

Presented by:

Mickael Haudebourg
MCU Business Development Manager
Renesas Electronics

Mickael Haudebourg is a Business Development Manager at Renesas Electronics Europe. He is responsible for the promotion of RA microcontroller hardware and solutions in Europe with a focus on the distribution market. Working in the semiconductors industry for more than 15 years in various roles, he understands the needs of the market and customers that enable him to establish and support solutions in many domains. Mickael also responsible for Renesas capacitive touch solutions in Europe.

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