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Designing stylish graphical user interfaces requires engineering and artistic skills, but artists aren't engineers and engineers aren't artists. Teamwork is required and GUILIANI, along with its WYSIWYG tool GSE, is designed to keep everybody happy; even management because GUILIANI helps to keep projects on time and on budget.

This webinar will focus on the RA6M3 MCU, which is perfect for GUI because it has dedicated GUI features such as the 2D-Drawing-Engine from TES Electronic Solutions.

Presented by:

Joachim Huepper
Design Center Manager
TES Electronic Solutions GmbH

Joachim Huepper manages the TES Electronic Solutions Design Center in Offenbach with focus on Graphical User Interface (GUI) solutions. This includes the management and strategy of the industry‑leading GUILIANI GUI software, in particular, and GUI design services, in general. Joachim earned his diploma in Electronics Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Mannheim. His international career spans various R&D and Senior Marketing/Management positions at global players such as Avnet and Renesas Electronics. His experience also includes driving partner networks towards mutual success.

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