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This webinar is a practical guide to implementing seamless, scalable security for your connected devices.

IoT devices are inevitably exposed to risk when connected to the Internet, but from the chips inside your devices to the cloud server, Internet or on‑premise applications they connect with, there are proven components, tools and methodologies to mitigate the risks across the supply chain. During this webinar, we will demonstrate how Crypto Quantique’s security platform, combined with Renesas Secure Crypto Engine technology and EPS Global’s secure provisioning services, can simplify the implementation of seamless security over the lifetime of a product, from chip‑to‑cloud.

Three industry experts will show you how to cut the cost and complexity of IoT edge‑to‑cloud connectivity, and how to introduce best practices for secure management of your IoT networks by answering these questions, and many more:

  1. What are the risks involved in the Internet of Things?
  2. Why, if I’m designing an IoT product, should I add the cost and complexity of security into my devices?
  3. How do I implement seamless security throughout the supply chain – in design, production, and in the field?

Presented by:

Brian Colgan
FAE & Security Solutions
EPS Global

Brian has many years of experience in the semiconductor industry, previously working in Xilinx’s research lab; and as a sales rep for Cypress Semiconductor. He is currently a Field Applications Engineer and Security Specialist at EPS where he supports customers with their MCU and FPGA requirements. Brian also specializes in secure provisioning solutions for connected devices. He holds a BSc in Engineering from the Technical University of Dublin.

Chris Jones
IoT Security Specialist
Crypto Quantique

Following a long career which began in avionics design & project management (BAE Systems) followed by field applications engineering (Cypress Semi & Renesas), Chris spent two of the last three years as a senior application engineer at Secure ThingZ in Cambridge, UK, working in IoT security. He joined Crypto Quantique in May 2020. Chris holds a BSc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Coventry, UK.

Kim Dinsmore
Security Specialist
Renesas Electronics

With over 30 years of experience, Kim has participated in and led many product development efforts, from MCU development tools to software stacks/libraries, to end products for commercial and military applications. Now responsible for implementing security solutions for Renesas Arm‑core MCUs, she enjoys working with other industry experts to create viable solutions for MCU applications.

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