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Injecting security into an existing product can be costly and arduous, and the task of protecting your application needs to be solved in a satisfying and uncomplicated way. In this webinar, we will explore how to enable security in your software development flow with just a few steps. Security just moved from a specialist capability into mainstream development!

This webinar is for anyone interested in learning about security or needing to implement security in embedded systems. Attendees will learn, in a practical way, how to implement security in embedded applications with C-Trust and Renesas RA devices.

Presented by:

Shawn Prestridge
US FAE Team Leader
IAR Systems

Shawn Prestridge has been a Senior Field Application Engineer at IAR Systems since 2008. Prior to joining IAR Systems, he held the position of Embedded Hardware/Software Engineer with Texas Instruments, as well as Embedded Developer and Owner of the Ministry of Software. Shawn holds a BS in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics, an MS in Electrical Engineering and Software Engineering, and a PhD in Electrical Engineering, specializing in Quantum Cryptography.

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