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IoT applications connecting to networks are becoming commonplace in industrial and consumer applications. To progress to higher capabilities, designers need to continuously improve applications from a variety of perspectives. However, the following difficulties stand in the way of achieving these improvements.

  • Trade‑off between performance and power consumption
  • Trade‑off between functionality and product size
  • Contactless control required in the new normal, life after Covid‑19
  • Protection against various attacks from networks

The newly‑launched RX671, the latest RX family MCU, can solve these difficulties with a single chip.

Join this webinar and learn to:

  • Solve the various difficulties in enhancing IoT applications, leveraging RX671's features.
  • Utilize the available boards to shorten your evaluation and development time.

Presented by:

Michael Sarpa
Renesas Electronics

Michael Sarpa is responsible for product marketing and customer development for Renesas' flagship RX 32-bit MCU product line. Michael's 25+ years of experience working with and supporting embedded developers provides customers and ecosystem partners an excellent resource when developing next-generation platforms.

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