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In this session, users will learn how Qeexo’s AutoML machine learning platform transforms the embedded AI (Artificial Intelligence) development process without users having to code. Qeexo AutoML is a fully-automated, end-to-end machine learning platform that builds lightweight machine learning solutions (tinyML) running locally on constrained environments such as a Cortex Arm M4 MCU. It augments the user experience and applicability of products like the RA Family of MCUs, adding intelligence with AI for many applications including Wearables, Industrial, Mobile, Smart Home/Appliance and other IoT markets.

Presented by:

Tina Shyuan Tina Shyuan
Senior Product Marketing Manager

Tina is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Qeexo. In that role, she helps businesses apply Qeexo AutoML to build innovative solutions using sensor data. She has a passion for building and launching cutting-edge machine learning technologies and has launched many successful machine learning products during her five years at Qeexo. Tina is an advocate for running machine learning at the Edge, and actively contributes to the tinyML community. Tina holds an MBA from Columbia University and a BS degree in EECS from UC Berkeley. Before Qeexo, she was a software consultant and facilitated the end-to-end integration of business processes.

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