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High awareness of the health effects of air quality, especially with the latest news on its positive health effects against the COVID‑19 virus, has increased interest and demand for topics such as ‘air environment.' Technology industries are reacting to such demands with new products that measure the actual air quality, indoors and outdoors, activate and control the ventilation of appliances, such as HVAC or kitchen hoods, or simply alert the user.

In this webinar, we provide you with insights and how‑to's of “good air” based on different standards, plus Renesas solutions based on AI‑algorithms. The webinar will also show a live demo for typical air‑quality applications.

Presented by:

Uwe Guenther
Senior Director Sensor Solutions
Renesas Electronics

Uwe Guenther received his degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Erlangen-Nuernberg. His past experience includes medical and mobile sensing with MEMS and optical-based technologies. Before receiving his role over Renesas' Emerging-Market Sensor Solutions Unit, Uwe was responsible for IDT's (now Renesas) worldwide activities in the field of mobile sensing, targeting environmental sensing solutions for the wearable and smartphone markets.

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