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An MRAM is a non-volatile Magnetoresistive Random-Access Memory. It stores data in a magnetic domain, unlike other RAM that stores in the form of an electrical charge or current. Compared to other non-volatile technologies, MRAM excels in applications that require lower power and fast access to back-up data retrieval. Renesas offers the next generation of MRAM technology with the M1000/M3000 family series. With more than 20 years of data retention and large memory density, the M1000/M3000 series fills growing non-volatile application needs. In this webinar, find out how MRAM compares to other memory technologies, and key parameters that make it a better choice for your system.

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Steven Lee Steven Lee
Renesas Electronics

Steven Lee manages the IoT systems group at Renesas, with focus in advanced technologies covering sensors, to wireless connectivity. Steven has a background in developing and commercializing MEMS-based sensors, with a utility patent on a MEMS pressure sensor. Steven is passionate about delivering new non-traditional access to education to students and the changing workforce.

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