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The expansion of IoT devices in our homes and portable applications make it challenging to protect sensors from varying environmental elements. The same sensor may be designed into a smart home appliance and a smart speaker that can be used outside the home.

In order to protect sensor devices from expanding and emerging application environments, selective specialty materials and packaging are needed. These specialty materials are adopted from traditional semiconductor and medical applications and are now implemented into wider use in consumer and industrial sensor applications.

Renesas' sensor products utilize these specialty materials, such as parylene coatings and hydrophobic membranes, to expand usage in harsh environments. These materials and packaging methods are integrated on the sensing element to the module form.

Presented by:

Steven Lee
Director, Product Management
Renesas Electronics

Steven Lee manages the IoT systems group at Renesas, with focus in advanced technologies covering sensors, to wireless connectivity. Steven has a background in developing and commercializing MEMS-based sensors, with a utility patent on a MEMS pressure sensor. Steven is passionate about delivering new non-traditional access to education to students and the changing workforce.

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