White Paper: How to Deploy a LoRa®-based Network for your IoT Application

white paperThe LoRa-based IoT solution developed by Renesas and Medium One leverages the advantages of a LoRa network, the RX family of MCUs developed by Renesas, an array of powerful sensors, and the cloud solution offered by Medium One to provide smart sensor-rich nodes sending data over long distances to be monitored and analyzed in the Cloud in real-time. The goal of the Dots on a Map solution is to provide the user with rich sensor data from a widespread set of locations that may not be reachable with normal Ethernet, WiFi, or even cellular uplinks, without requiring an expensive infrastructure. Summary:

  • Benefits of LoRa
  • Applications for Dots on a Map
  • Sensor and gateway nodes
  • Renesas IoT sandbox and user portal
  • How to deploy

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