On‑Demand Webinar

Advanced User Interface is becoming a key part in many IoT applications. Applications like wearables, e-bike consoles, and smart home devices traditionally come with small, colorful displays to make user interaction more powerful. At the same time, these end applications need to be cost effective, thus posing a tough requirement on the SoCs which are typically at the heart of these systems.

The DA1470x has an integrated 2D GPU, Display Controller, 1.5 MB RAM with expansion capabilities via different memory interfaces, and SDK with support for different graphic libraries like LVGL. This level of integration and ecosystem support help enable high performance and advanced UI in any application in a very cost-effective way.

In this webinar, we cover:
  • Graphics in IoT applications with DA1470x
  • Graphics scenario management
  • Graphics subsystem architecture
  • Wearable UI example application

Presented by:
Melissa Hu
Product Marketing Manager
Renesas Electronics

Melissa Hu is responsible for LPC’s next generation product roadmap definition and development, and in parallel, responsible for China and ASEAN regions’ LPC business. She has over 15 years of working experience in various low power connectivity technologies including Bluetooth, NFC, RFID, Wi-Fi, and GPS across different roles such as IoT solution architect, product marketing, and business development. Melissa has a Master of Philosophy degree in Electronics Engineering from Chinese University of Hong Kong.

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